Members can use the list to ask a question or raise an issue relating to primary care informatics and will usable get a quick and thoughtful response.

If we have your email address and you have not opted out from the list you will automatically be a member and will be receive list traffic which is typically between 1 and 10 items per day.


Posting to the List

You can use the list to ask a question or raise an issue relating to primary care informatics and will usually get a quick and thoughtful response from other members.

Please send your email as plain text, the list server will remove all non-plain text material and attachments.


The Chatham House Rule Applies

It is a condition of participation that members follow the “Chatham House Rule” in relation to postings. i.e. You may freely use the information you learn from the list so long as in doing so you do not disclose the identity of the contributor without their express consent. Having said this, members should understand that PHCSG Group membership is open to all and the Group cannot guarantee that all members will respect this rule.


Serious Postings On Primary Care Informatics Only

The list is for serious discussion of matters relating to primary care informatics. There are other forums for more general chat.


Administrative Matters

Please do not send messages about administrative matters to the list. You can carry out basic management of the lists via email (see below) S


Be Legal Decent Honest and Truthful

Please be polite, avoid slanging matches and be tolerant of others failings. Be careful not to make remarks that might get you sued and be particularly careful not to make disparaging remarks that might damage the financial interests of others unless you are willing and able to defend your position.

The list is not proactively moderated and the PHCSG cannot be responsible for any damage you may do to yourself or others by inappropriate postings.



While we are happy that products, services and events are mentioned where relevant to discussions. Please make it clear if you have any beneficial interest that might have influenced your opinion.


Configure your email Client

No matter how gripping list traffic might be there will be times when you want to ignore it and we would strongly advise that you set up your email software to move list messages in to a folder that you can read or ignore as you please without list traffic swamping your important email. In Outlook use “TOOLS:RULES WIZARD” in Thunderbird use TOOLS:FILTER MESSAGES and. Filter on mail sent to

You can also use your email client to delete postings from individuals whose opinions you have had enough of. Although, we will try and deal with anyone who causes general annoyance.


Posting from Alternate email Addresses

You can only post to the list from an email address registered with the list. Normally only the first registered email address will receive list traffic with additional addresses set as “NOMAIL” to avoid you getting multiple copies of list messages. Should you wish to receive list traffic to more than one address once that address is registered you can set or clear the “NOMAIL” setting for it using the list server commands “MAIL” and “NOMAIL” (see below).

If the list master spots postings from an unregistered address that they recognise as belonging to a member they will automatically add this address to avoid future error messages, therefore, many list users may find that they have multiple addresses registered even though they have never requested it,


Out of Office Messages

Most auto responders that send “out of office” messages will not cause problems for the list. However, a badly configured auto responder can cause a mail loop and flood list members with useless emails. If you use an auto responder please ensure it includes the words “Out of Office” or “AutoReply” in the subject line and/or that it is configured not to send multiple responses to the same email address and/or you exclude the list address in you auto responders setup (most of the widely used commercial products can do all of these things). Please note the list will reject emails containing “Out of Office” or “AutoReply” in the subject and thus, to avoid error messages you might like to exclude this list from auto responses or suspend your membership when you are away from your email (see below).


List server Commands

The most useful commands are:

UNSUBSCRIBE discuss or UNS discuss – This will remove you from the list.

To rejoin send SUB discuss – You will have to wait for your request to be approved by the list administrator.

NOMAIL discuss – This will stop mail from the list

NOMAIL discuss YYYY-MM-DD – This will stop mail until the specified date

MAIL discuss – This will restart mail after a NOMAIL

HELP – This will give a list of all commands and further options

Commands should each be on a new line and there should be no other text in the email. Add STOP as the last command if your email systems adds a signature or disclaimer after you send an email to stop the list sever trying to process this text.